Tel: (+44) 800 193 3356

Tel: (+44) 800 193 3356



Providing the ideal platform to grow your international business. Taking the first physical steps into an international market is a big step for your business and can be a daunting one. SAMS GROUP services are designed to ease this process and provide the support structures so you can focus on growing your business. SAMS GROUP service ensures that the necessary administrative requirements are completed and that the right local company structure for your business is established. We work with a long- standing group of professional services partners in each market and guarantee the highest levels of expertise and service. Our services go well beyond the administrative. We provide physical working and meeting space within our international office network, and you will join a cohort of like-minded companies with whom you can share knowledge and experience. You will also avail of SAMS GROUP local market knowledge and network and can avail of our full range of services in the critical early days in your new market. As your business evolves and grows, we can assist with the additional administrative and practical requirements that will arise.


Uncovering insights to drive international growth. In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, it pays to do your homework up-front. Whether it’s identifying the highest potential investors, identifying the right market for your product or evaluating your competition, SAMS GROUP’s Research team will find the answer. Leveraging cutting edge databases and tools, supplemented by extensive in-market networks and drawing on broad experience, SAMS GROUP delivers insightful research that guides our clients toward making the right decisions, maximises return on investment and delivers outcomes. From bespoke assignments to larger outsourced research functions, SAMS GROUP delivers. Getting beyond the theory, this is research that drives business forward.

Funding & Ventures

Solutions to accelerate your international growth Growing your business internationally will invariably require alternate or additional funding. Alongside our range of advisory services, SAMS GROUP works with companies to understand their funding requirements and provide a range of potential solutions. SAMS GROUP works with a range of partners providing the full range of finance solutions. Whether you plan to raise equity funding or are seeking an export finance solution we can engage in evaluating the range of options that are right for your business. Don’t let your international growth be constrained. Let SAMS GROUP find the correct funding model to fuel your growth.


Challenging conventional thinking to build winning strategies. SAMS GROUP was originally formed as a pure play consulting company, and this ethos runs through the firm today. We are a company of thinkers; assisting and challenging our clients to effectively compete in international markets – whether that is government seeking to win international investment or companies looking to expand. Our strategic consulting support spans the key areas– from the markets/sectors/channels in which to compete, defining and positioning the client’s offer, and how to rganize best to achieve maximum results. We also help clients with defining the necessary activities, financial planning and measuring progress on delivering their plans. Our team members are individually selected for their high qualities and knowledge in their specialist field. SAMS GROUP Consulting challenges our clients to think bigger and supports in building the plans to deliver.

Trade Support

Local experts to a global marketplace. At SAMS GROUP we understand the opportunities and challenges of growing internationally. Our consultants support businesses in their strategic plans for global growth, as well as their execution. We offer bespoke assessments of international markets, creating market entry and growth strategies to help accelerate business development in new markets.

Marketing Services

Right message, Right audience, Right time. From brand awareness, to sales development, business growth and aftercare, marketing is at the core of every business. Marketing your service or product to an international audience also creates additional challenges as it will likely require a different approach to what has worked at home. Our marketing services team provides a full range of services encompassing brand development, digital marketing, PR and social media and can support you through the entire marketing cycle from strategy and planning through to implementation.